We thank you for visiting our website and we invite you to join us. You will find a warm and welcome greeting from a congregation that truly worships the Lord. You will feel like family after just one visit.

We worship the one true God and embrace the full Gospel of our saviour Jesus Christ. You will feel the presence of the Lord in every service. From the music to the Apostolic teaching and preaching of the mighty word of God. The church is a place of worship, a place of refuge, a place to find peace for your soul in a world full of trouble and turmoil. We embrace the full Biblical plan of salvation which was poured out on the Day of Pentecost at the very birth of the New Testament church. It's as real today as it was then.

Come and see for yourself. Join us in worship at our very next service. We believe in having good Church. It's not a fashion show and it's not a social club. It's a group of real people that need a real God; and that very real God is here for you too.

May God Bless .. And we look forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Mark W. Hilderbrand